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Today, A Special Tribute To Our Work Force

Labor Day is a tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well being of America. For many it means barbecues, bargains and beach days. After Labor Day children and adults get back into a routine following the summer months--into a routine for school and work. But this year is the exception.

Labor Day seems to have a deeper meaning in the year when nearly 200,000 souls have been lost, when millions have lost their jobs and livelihood, when social unrest is pervasive, and when there is a call for long-overdue racial reckoning.

Millions of people have lost their jobs, lost their benefits, and are on the edge of eviction--their way of life is now precarious despite how hard they have worked and fought to secure a place in society. They are living now in the margins, not sure what to do next. Chronic stress.

On this day, this year, we need to further honor and consider those involved in the world of philanthropy--the development officers and staff members, the leaders of non-profits, the staff members in non-profit organizations, the volunteers, the Board members, and the donors who together form a group to ensure the positive progression of important missions that help so many in our community. We need to honor teachers, mental health specialists, nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, package delivery agents, postal workers, and so many others who work on the front lines.

Many are playing multiple roles in keeping our society safe and productive.

Thank you for all that you do--things that people see and things that other people can never even get to glimpse, things that cannot even be imagined. Your work means that many children and adults have food they would not have had otherwise, that people are able to get much needed health care, mental health services, rehabilitation and many other things so integral to life.

On this Labor Day, especially, our workers are all trying very hard to get us all through this crisis. Thank you.


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