Introducing Amusing Memes--Classical Paintings Through The Eyes Of A Development Officer

During the pandemic we all made efforts to while away our time productively and enjoyably. I couldn't help looking at classical paintings and finding a new perspective--through the eyes of development officers.

The following memes (from the Greek word mimema, meaning to imitate) include classical paintings accompanied by a daily dose of a development viewpoint--viewpoints shared by many. These situations are experienced on a regular basis whether they are in relation to major gifts, planned giving, special events or the annual fund. Situations that simply require us to laugh, these are real issues juxtaposed against these popular, well known paintings.

Many development officers, administrators, prospects, donors, volunteers and staff members at every level will understand these immediately. Enjoy them--take a respite.

Thank you, Sweetie, of course we're going to give--basic research in pediatrics is one of our most important priorities.

The gala is oversold. Could we squeeze in a few more chairs at our table?

OMG, I have an appointment with one of his best friends so now the CEO is going to join us for the meeting...oh...and he's calling me now?

I told you all that this first physicians' campaign was going to require blood, sweat and tears...

Bunny, this is the best kick-off event we ever attended! We've already sold so many tickets for the gala that we don't even have to send out invitations!

I know I suggested this billionaire as a prospect for my new international research initiative. I couldn't possibly ask him for a multi-million dollar gift when he comes in next week...he's a close friend of mine and might be upset. Let's ask him to give whatever he wants.

While she is quite beautiful, I wasn't expecting this kind of memento from the centennial dinner the other evening.

I certainly exceeded my revenue goal for this year. Love the organization, but what a toxic's been all of two years...time to regroup and look for another job again.

I came up with this look for the gala, but my snooty Director flat out said, "It's been done."

And I am not giving it back! I didn't have the money for the 40 inch HD TV, I had to sneak this out of the auction tent before the bidding got started.

That Board Chair is such a blowhard, they should eliminate him from the speakers lineup. Here he goes's all about him. I have a mind to stop supporting this organization...

What am I going to do now? I just lost the $3 million gift...unexpectedly the couple is moving out of town next week--he just got a new position at a major firm on the west coast!

Wow, this is going to be the most interesting gala entertainment we have ever had!

The coronavirus really put the kibosh on my fundraising plans. I just have to come up with a whole new approach. And a mask.

Now, tell me all about your capital campaign, I have just about four minutes until my next board meeting.

Which valet company did they hire? I can't wait any longer. In the morning I'm calling the CEO to complain.

The garden club is going to invite me to be on the do I graciously make my exit now?

We're pleased to give to your institution and fund an endowed chair...we believe in your mission. BTW, does this mean that we get great gala seats?

Of course, I couldn't be more thrilled to chair your capital campaign...count on me...I will let my husband know and we will make a very significant gift to kick things off...just call me Monday and we'll work out the details. Oh, and I'd like to turn our gift into a challenge grant--would that be ok? I think many of our friends would love to participate and we'll ask them as our first step...Have a great weekend. We'll talk Monday.

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