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Bringing Your Mission to Life

An effective consultant is a visionarysomeone whose perspective enables her to see a bigger picture and whose experience provides the ability to guide clients with the strategies to realize their goals.


Having dedicated decades as a senior development professional, I have had the unique opportunity to work with some of the more prominent nonprofit organizations and influential leaders in the country. It’s now my privilege to apply my perspective and my experience to help others.


As the CEO of Gayle Tissue Strategies, I work with senior leaders like you to help you understand and articulate the vital contributions your organization makes to the people and communities you serve. Together, we identify the strategic issues that we need to address for your organization to successfully fulfill its mission. Then, we put in place the stepping stonesworking with board members, improving operations, developing comprehensive fundraising plans, nurturing and educating donors and prospects, building sustainable programsall so that we can bring your organization’s mission to life.


If this sounds like the type of approach that would benefit your organization, let’s talk

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